2023 - Scholarship Updates (NEW)

June 14, 2023

The BMAC Diamond Foundation honored our deserving Kappa League Seniors in presenting them with over $10,000.00 in scholarship funds.

The following BMAC Kappa League Seniors received congratulatory book scholarships while announcing their college of choice:

o 1. Donald Wesley Clarke (Morehouse College)

o 2. Braydon Jones (Morgan State University)

o 3. Sapri Sise (NC A&T State University)

o 4. David Labor (Hampton University)

o 5. Noah Wellons Wright (UNC Charlotte)

o 6. Erick Constant (Hampton University)

o 7. Andrew Bush (Stevenson University)

This event also showcased the many gifts and talents of our BMAC Kappa Leaguers as well as commemorated another successful year for the BMAC Kappa League/Guide Right programs as our Kappa Leaguers were presented with many superlative awards and certificates of achievement.